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Richard S.

You know the drill. Seedy Hawaii hot women and femme fatales with legs up to here, broken noses and broken dreams, cheap thugs and cheaper hooch swigged out of an office bottle. The result? A lot thilling hard men tromping down those mean streets over the Hot thrilling fun, neither tarnished nor afraid, but doing a lot of huffing and puffing about it.

Pratherwho passed away Februarypeacefully in his sleep at his home in Sedona, Arizona, saw those same mean streets. But he also saw the banana peel on the sidewalk. Hot thrilling fun then he dispatched his Thrililng private eye Hot thrilling fun Scottto take a little walk.

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Prather, like his hero, was a California boy, through and through. He was born in Santa Ana, California, in Inhe married Tina Yager and worked for a few years as a civilian chief clerk of surplus property and salvage at the Thrrilling Air Force Base near Riverside. Hot thrilling fun

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Ininspired by lenendary literary agent Scott Meredith's acceptance of his first novel for marketing, Prather quit his job and the young couple moved to Laguna Beach so Prather could write full-time. And he did -- literally. Case of the Vanishing Beauty became a Hot thrilling fun seller.

Over the next thirty-odd years, Prather put his name on close to fifty books, including thirty-nine more novels and several collections featuring his Tinseltown shamus. In a book called 70 Hot thrilling fun of Best-Sellersthere was a list of the best-selling mysteries of the time and sixteen of them were by Prather. Do the math. That's more than a tenth of the list, making Prather easily the best selling PI writer Hot thrilling fun the fifties -- with the obvious exception of that Hammer guy and with over 40 million copies of his books sold, Hot thrilling fun of the bestselling mystery writers of all time.

Prather was a prolific short story writer, as well, and Scott appeared regularly in numerous magazines and digests, including ManhuntCavalierThrilling DetectiveMenaceJusticeAccusedSuspectMurder! The next year the fortieth and final Shell Scott novel, Shellshockwas published.

As originally envisioned, Scott was pretty much Passing thru for pussy disciple of the post-war Spillane school, a tough-talking, mean streets-walking alpha male with a P. But it soon became apparent that Sheldon was a little different from the other boys. For one thing, Scott had remarkably little angst, and there were several other traits that must have raised a Hot thrilling fun private eyebrows back at the lodge.

Like, that hair. A bristly white-blonde buzz cut standing at permanent attention.

A perpetual tan. Those bushy white eyebrows. And no dowdy fedora Naughty Adult Dating Alto MI personals trench coat either for this ex-Marine -- it never rains in Southern California, baby.

Hot thrilling fun preferred Hawaiian shirts and snazzy teal blue suits. He preferred sporty wheels, too; Caddy convertibles in either canary yellow or Hot thrilling fun egg-blue. Oh sure, Scott did the job, and the bad guys got theirs, and when the going got tough, Scott was more than willing to rise to the occasion. But the usual sex-and-violence was lightened by a sort of goofy, relentless hedonism.

Unlike so many others, he seemed to actually enjoy life, his Hot thrilling fun concern not so much vengeance or justice Wife wants nsa Panther keeping an eye open for the next good time. The next martini. The next babe. And, judging by the numbers, a lot of Hot thrilling fun, both male and female, were more than willing to follow him on that quest.

And as the series progressed, the wisecracks and double-entendres multiplied and things just got wackier and wackier. In Way of a Wanton for example, Scott escapes the bad guys by swinging from tree to tree - au naturel -- through a jungle movie set. But it was with the eighth book, Strip for Murder that Prather and Scott finally, truly found their niche. Strip for Murder is a full-out hoot, a screwball masterpiece, a loopy romp that features our man undercover at a nudist colony and culminates with a naked Scott landing a hot air balloon in downtown Los Angeles let's see Lew Archer pull that one off!

From then on, almost anything went in the series. In Gat Heat he attacks a gang of blackmailers armed with a Hot thrilling fun.

In The Trojan Hearse thripling rides a wrecking ball through the wall of a building while in hot pursuit. There were - thrllling I mentioned earlier - lots of babes in the Shell Scott books, most of them skimpily clad and obliging.

And well-endowed, which inevitably got Scott's attention. Despite all the nudge-nudge wink-wink, though, very little actual sex. It was all off-stage, Scott too much the gentleman to kiss and tell. Though he didn't mind looking and telling: Prather also was responsible for arguably the best P. Scott also served as the inspiration for another memorabler eye, G. Fickling's Honey West. In fact, the husband-and-wife team who wrote as G. Fickling were good friends with Prather and his wife.

As Hot thrilling fun Fickling recalls, 'One night Skip threw the idea at Richard, and asked him 'What do you Hot thrilling fun Sex dating in Gile doing a female private eye?

But the Ficklings took a crack at it anyway, and Honey West Hot thrilling fun on to appear in a string of popular novel, offering up the sameblend of slightly risque, tongue-in-cheek humour.

It's too bad Scott never teamed up with Honey Swingers Gresham Oregon tonite it seemed a natural, since both detectives shared a propensity for screwball antics and inadvertent nudity.

And so it went. It was a philosophy he applied to his own work as well, and he succeeded in buckets. If there's a Mount Rushmore of the private eyes, we all know who's already there. The Op, Spade, Marlowe and Hot thrilling fun Archer, with crews furiously jack hammering day and night to put Mike Hammer's puss up there too, while a slew of other po-faced contenders Hot thrilling fun their heels, impatiently waiting for their own granite close-ups.

Shell Scott probably won't be there.

Hot thrilling fun I Am Look For Nsa Sex

They may never get their faces carved into stone -- at least on that mountain. Report respectfully Hot thrilling fun by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Jim Doherty for his help.

And the legendary Dean Davis for his word to the wise Drop a dime. Your comments, suggestions, Hot thrilling fun and contributions are always welcome. The rest, as they say, is history. Poll Hot thrilling fun a dime. But he wanted to write. Let's face it -- the guy was a doofus. But what the hell. They'll be having fun. Case of the Vanishing Beauty ; Shell Scott Buy this book Bodies in Bedlam ; Shell Scott Buy this book Dagger of Flesh ; Mark Logan.

Dragnet ; novelization of the TV series; as by David Knight. Chester Drum ; Shell Scott. Adult Dating Personals Jersey City horny girls this book. Kindle it!

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Dance with the Dead ; Shell Scott Nook it! Read it! I have no idea where some of these originally appeared, or when. I'm assuming almost all stories Hot thrilling fun the collections and MSMM in the sixties were reprints. If anyone knows anything, please contact me.

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Prather Mrs. Executioner Linda Pendleton interviews Prather. Far-ranging and occassionally long-winded, it's nonetheless a fascinating look into the man behind Shell Scott.